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There are several restaurants in Clermont, but there is only special dining eatery where you can experience Caribbean delicacies. This Caribbean food restaurant in Clermont, is Lillysonthelake. Food is an essential part of our diet that must not be missing, as it offers us the required energy and vitality needed for our daily activities and growth. At Lillysonthelake, we have several delicious and nutritious meals that will make you love the Clermont city, and fond memories if you're a visitor.

Lilly’s on the Lake is a restaurant renowned for its delicious meals and undisputable hospitality. The exclusive restaurant offers an incredible customer experience, and this has endeared various individuals from all walks of life to our location in Clermont, Florida. The beautiful city of Clermont is situated in Lake County, Florida, which is thirty-five kilometer southeast of Leesburg and thirty-five kilometers west of Orlando. The city’s population is calculated to be more than 30,000 persons. Several towns are closer to this lovely city, and these are Minneola, Oakland, Montverde, Mascotte, and Groveland. With such a creative landscape and attractive features in the city, Lilly’s on the Lake is in the right place for the people searching for a peaceful atmosphere to have fun. We have different cuisines prepared by our professional chefs and varieties of drinks to soothe your thirst. Looking for a place to eat Caribbean food in Clermont, Florida? Lilly’s on the Lake is the best place to get these meals as residents in neighboring cities such as Groveland, Mascotte, Minneola, Oakland and Montverde are also welcome to our innovative restaurant.

Appetizers can be defined as a plate of food or drink consumed before a meal to ensure the stimulation of the appetite of an individual. At Lilly's on the Lake, we pride ourselves as being Clermonts go-to restaraunt for delicious Caribbean appetizers.

There are several eateries that offer appetizers in Clermont, Florida. However, Lilly’s on the Lake prepares items that are sumptuous, but affordable as well. For instance, one of the appetizers, the Fresh Nachos is a combination of homemade tortilla chips, real cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream, jalapenos, and lettuce. You can decide to add beef, pork or chicken to the course according to your taste. All this starting at just $7.99!


The Caribbean cuisine consists of culinary influences from Africa, France, Spain, India, Dutch, America, Britain, and Asia. In these water-soaked, tropical countries, fresh fruits and vegetables make up a significant portion of the diet. Caribbean food includes all of your favorite’s seafood, chicken, and steak, prepared with the spices and colorful ingredients of the Islands.

The Arawak, Carib, and Taino “Indians” were the first dwellers in the Caribbean Islands. Their daily diet consists of vegetables and fruits such as papaya, yams, guavas, and cassava. The Taino began the process of preparing meat and fish in large clay pots. The Carib Indians introduced spices and lemon juice to their meat and fish recipes. The Caribbean Sea derived its name from the tribe because of the saying that they are the first to prepare the pepper pot stew.

When it comes to great Caribbean cuisine, an excellent panoramic view, and lovely entertainment, Lilly’s on the Lake is the place to visit. This exquisite restaurant is located on Lake Minneola in Clermont. Lilly’s on the Lake is committed to providing guests with excellent Caribbean food and live music entertainment. A great fact about Caribbean cuisines is that the food reflects the island culture. At Lilly’s on the Lake restaurant, this is evident in our unique menu. With our menu selections that incorporates various Caribbean food and drinks, you certainly know that you are in for a treat.

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Are you looking for a Caribbean style restaurant with lots of American dishes, exotic environment, and a cool entertainment feature to bless your day? Then look no further. The Lilly’s on The Lake Restaurant is located on the southern shore of the lake Minneola, in Clermont, Florida. This beautiful restaurant runs on three goals since its inception, which is, to provide quality meals, services, and fun. These goals are evident in the strategic location of this restaurant and all it has to offer its guest.

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The area of Florida has a surfeit of strategically positioned eateries and we at Clermont are just taking the advantage of its unique geography. If you are looking for a splashy spot to whet your appetite then our lakefront restaurant in Clermont is ready to awe you with a unique and memorable waterside dining experience. We are located on the Shore of Mineola Lake and thus even before our architects did the spectacular reconstruction and redesigning of the place, Clermont offered supreme waterfront options. Whether you are sitting outside on the shore or peering out from our indoor restaurant from floor- to- ceiling windows, your view is one of the best in the city!

We believe that when bare foot touches the sand, eyes rest on water and lungs breathe sea air, something magical happens! Waterfront dining experiences please any palate and act as icing on cake when you get to enjoy the scenic beauty while having delicious meal course! And that’s why we at Lily’s on the lake have tried our best to keep you near to the coast. We are located on the southern shore of Lake Minneola in historic district of Clermont which surrounds rolling hills of Florida with its pristine lakes!

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 Lilly’s on the Lake is going to impress you with its good food, good service, beautiful ambience and amazing beverages. It is perfect dining and entertainment destination for family, couples and friends too. You can simply visit this serene haven for escaping from your daily routine and relaxing completely. You can rent private room and have your personal space if required. Taking a sip of your favourite drink on the lake shore with your beloved in a quiet environment takes your romantic dining experience to a new level! If you are accompanied by your friends to this exotic location, then your excitement is going to multiply manifolds. This is because we offer happy hours to add more happiness to your visit.

The City of Clermont is one of the fastest developing cities in central Florida that is located west of Orlando and north of Disney World. Clermont was established in 1884 and incorporated in 1916. It has the civilities and resources that make it an appealing area for families, new businesses, instructive attempts, office improvement, and health-fitness opportunities. Clermont is Open for Business and offers everything for developing families as well. Absolute healthiness and security are all piece of Clermont's way of life.

Lilly's on the lake is an ideal Caribbean restaurant in Clermont,Florida which has been influenced by universal contemporary fare, and that offers various menus for various fabulous beverages throughout the day. Nonetheless, our Caribbean restaurant gives her visitors an easy- going scene which offers both indoor and open air seating which enables her visitors to view her magnificent pools. However, our rooftop best sky bar including clearing perspectives of the Clermont lake shoreline front gives an exceptional mixed drink involvement with the finish of an energizing day.