Lilly’s on the Lake is a restaurant renowned for its delicious meals and undisputable hospitality. The exclusive restaurant offers an incredible customer experience, and this has endeared various individuals from all walks of life to our location in Clermont, Florida. The beautiful city of Clermont is situated in Lake County, Florida, which is thirty-five kilometer southeast of Leesburg and thirty-five kilometers west of Orlando. The city’s population is calculated to be more than 30,000 persons. Several towns are closer to this lovely city, and these are Minneola, Oakland, Montverde, Mascotte, and Groveland. With such a creative landscape and attractive features in the city, Lilly’s on the Lake is in the right place for the people searching for a peaceful atmosphere to have fun. We have different cuisines prepared by our professional chefs and varieties of drinks to soothe your thirst. Looking for a place to eat Caribbean food in Clermont, Florida? Lilly’s on the Lake is the best place to get these meals as residents in neighboring cities such as Groveland, Mascotte, Minneola, Oakland and Montverde are also welcome to our innovative restaurant.


Minneola, Florida is located in Lake County and 22 miles west of Orlando, Florida and 61 miles northeast of Tampa, Florida. Minneola derived its name from a Dakota Indian word which means “many waters,” as it used to be a part of the Sumter County.

This beautiful city is renowned for hosting tourists who are interested in activities such as canoeing, swimming, fishing, etc. Minneola also plays host to historic sites such as Dade Battlefield State Historic site, Lake Griffin State Park, and Lake Louisa State Park. Besides, individuals in Minneola who want to travel through the air can also use the Orlando International Airport because of the proximity of the city to the airport. For food enthusiasts who love Caribbean foods in Minneola and want the meals to be prepared and served by professionals, Lilly’s on the Lake is the perfect restaurant that truly understands the real meaning of hospitality and will take good care of visitors from Minneola.


Groveland is arguably the fastest growing city in Florida according to Wikipedia. Located in the Lake County, Groveland’s population has increased significantly in the last two decades as the census figures in 2010 were calculated to be 8,729 persons. The impressive city is the home to various people who are peace-loving and of different races. In 2014, Groveland was named the fifth safest city in Florida, and this has also endeared more people to reside in the serene environment devoid of troubles. Groveland has an entire area of 3.0 square miles in which a more substantial proportion of the space is the land while water occupies the other part.

Individuals who reside in Groveland, Florida can enjoy Caribbean food in Groveland as Lilly’s on the Lake offers delicious cuisines at affordable prices in a serene location where they can enjoy with their loved ones. Our professionals include chefs, waiters, waitresses, and other members of staff at Lilly’s on the Lake are committed to providing each of our clients a memorable experience.


The population of Mascotte is 5,846 according to the figures released by the United State Census Bureau. The town of Mascotte is named after a small ship used to convey tobacco from Cuba when the Spanish-American war was raging. The place also hosts lovely tourist attractions such as Lake Catherine Blueberries. Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards, Discovery Cover, The Breeze, SeaWorld Orlando, and Magical Midway.

For a beautiful place that plays host to various amusement parks, finding Caribbean foods in Mascotte can be hard, but Lilly’s on the Lake comes to the rescue and deliver a soothing experience. Residents in Mascotte whose desire is to enjoy tasty meals and unrivaled hospitality should look no further as the Lilly’s on the Lake is located in Clermont, Florida to ensure their needs are well taken care of.


Created in 1887, Oakland has a reputation for being one of the oldest municipalities in the Orange County. Oakland used to be the major hub of commerce for several business entrepreneurs with a significant presence of commercial establishments and an opera house. The occurrence of fire outbreak has adversely impacted the fortunes of the city, but it still maintains its modest lifestyle and impressive oak trees to date. The incredible city has a rich history of agriculture and railroads and also play host to the Oakland Nature Preserve where various lovers of nature hang out to have fun and see the excellent offerings of life.

Residents in Oakland can also take advantage of the sumptuous meals and drinks offered at Lilly’s on the Lake situated at Clermont, Florida. Since the distance to Clermont is relatively close, people who are looking for Caribbean foods in Oakland can quickly gain access to the splendor that our restaurant offers.


Montverde is a small town situated in Lake County, Florida, the United States with a population figure less than two thousand people. It is also an integral part of the Orlando- Kissimmee–Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area. Montverde covers 1.8 square miles; while a larger space of the place is the land while water covers the rest. The town has more than three hundred households with various people of different backgrounds as Germans, English, Hispanic, and other individuals have chosen the town as their abode.

Caribbean foods in Montverde can be dreams come true with a visit to our restaurant in Clermont, Florida. We treat our clients with utmost respect and ensure their satisfaction is guaranteed. Our prices are modest, and the environment at Lilly’s on the Lake is heavenly and peaceful. We have redefined hospitality with the treatment of our clientele and visitors from Montverde are not an exception.