Popular Menu Items at Lilly's

There are several restaurants in Clermont, but there is only special dining eatery where you can experience Caribbean delicacies. This Caribbean food restaurant in Clermont, is Lillysonthelake. Food is an essential part of our diet that must not be missing, as it offers us the required energy and vitality needed for our daily activities and growth. At Lillysonthelake, we have several delicious and nutritious meals that will make you love the Clermont city, and fond memories if you're a visitor.

Lillysonthelake is home to various island menu items such as Island Mahi, Angus burger, and shrimp tacos.


The island tacos from our restaurant are simply the best in Clermont, and we say this with a sense of modesty. Available at an affordable price, the island tacos are served with your preferred choice of one side Gluten-free tortillas which is offered based on your request for 2.19 dollars. You can also get chicken when you place an order; you can also have the match tacos without offering an extra fee. The price for island tacos of two guests is 10.99 and 12.99 for three guests.


There is no doubt about the sumptuous nature of these meals, and they are favorites of our customers. At our restaurant, we have several delicacies that are beneficial to the body system and make you feel re-energized. Lillysonthelake has different menu options such as Grilled Seafood Platter which goes for a low price of 20.99, Cajun Chicken Pasta available at 14.99. We also have the Island Mahi sold for 16.99. Other island favorites offered in our prestigious restaurant are Fish and Chip treat, as well as Shrimp and Island Grits which are sold for 14.99 and 16.99 respectively. Our island favorites are renowned for their delicious taste, and incredible ability to offer satisfaction to our esteemed clients in Clermont.


Our burgers and sandwiches at Lillysonthelake are available with lettuce, tomato, fries, onion and pickle. You will always ask for more after having the first experience at our restaurant in Clermont. The Lilly’s Angus beef burgers are also renowned for their freshness. After a long day at work, getting into the kitchen to prepare your meals can be hard, but with the different species of burgers and sandwiches at Lillysonthealake, you are covered.

With an array of unique burgers and sandwiches prepared by our professional chefs, you are treated like royalty as we guarantee your satisfaction. Our collection of burgers and sandwiches are affordable and always a crowd favorite.

Lilly's on the Lake also serves surrounding cities, Groveland, Mascotte, Montverde, Oakland and Minneola.