A lot of things can take you to Florida, from business to pleasure or research. While there is a wide range of exciting activities and engagements you can indulge yourself in, you should not forget to check out the rich and unique cuisines offered by the Florida state. And one place where you can sure find the best is the Lilly's on the Lake. With a growing reputation for being one of the best Caribbean restaurants in Clermont, Florida, Lilly's on the Lake is excellently located to give you a pleasurable view coupled with a lovely entertainment.

With the singular aim of offering guests with the best-in-class Caribbean cuisines and good live music entertainment, the restaurant has lived up to and even surpass expectations. With a distinct menu that contains different fabulous beverages and foods that reflects the island culture, Lilly's on the Lake's indoor and open-air seating arrangement offers visitors an excellent view to her exceptional pools as well as the surrounding beautiful scenes.

On the long list of the Lilly's on the Lake Caribbean food menu is the Caribbean inspired sandwiches and burgers. A distinguishing factor that sets Lilly's on the Lake's Caribbean sandwiches and burgers apart from the park are the ingredients used. Fresh, carefully selected and processed, these ingredients are is the reason why Lilly's burgers & sandwiches are delicious.

How about a check on these exciting recipes? Let's go!


Our delicious Pulled Pork Sandwich is perfect for dinner, right for brunch, great for lunch, and just appropriate for breakfast. Ordinarily, it can be taken as any meal of the day, which is a beautiful thing. Made from the freshest pulled pork that has been slow-simmered, this special sandwich has been well fortified with Lilly's on the Lake homemade mango coleslaw as well as a bright onion ring. You will be wowed at your first bite!


This sandwich is a Caribbean favorite that features fresh fish and delicious toppings. You can try it for lunch, dinner or even just an afternoon snack. The aroma of the fried fish is a pleasant memory in itself, let alone devouring the food!   We either serve it as fried, blackened or grilled. In each case, your choice will be drizzled with Lilly's on the Lake different seasoning - Chipotle Mayo Substitute Mahi.


Lilly's on the Lake Island Bistro Burger is the delightful burger that combines the flavors complimentary to appetizing bacon. Stacked high with pepper jack and cheddar cheese, this Caribbean multipurpose recipe comes with an onion ring and chipotle mayo in the perfect quantity. You do not want to miss the savory taste of a homemade Caribbean burger sauce.


Made from the fresh and flavorful Angus beef chuck, our Angus Chuck Burger is set to blow your mind. Well grilled with other unique ingredients and seasoning, you do not want to miss this special form of Caribbean burger. Do have a bite when next you visit Florida.


This particular Caribbean recipe offers a perfect blend of Angus chuck and slow-smoked pulled pork to produce a masterpiece monster burger. With the help of other essential additions like our unique BBQ sauce, mango coleslaw, onion ring and freshly sliced jalapenos, we have made our Lake Minneola Pulled Pork Monster Burger the real deal. "Monster," you say? Yes, it is monstrous, but do not be afraid. It's all for your pleasure and satisfaction


Our Caribbean all-natural Chicken Sandwich is capable of transporting you to the Caribbean without leaving your seat in Lilly's on the Lake Florida Restaurant. Made with a perfect blend of fresh and flavors chicken, this masterpiece recipe is suitable for all times and situations. You can have it straight off the grill, blackened or jerk seasoning. Perhaps, fried chicken is your thing? We will gladly have it fried for you. You now have more reasons to have a feel of this Caribbean delicious sandwich when next you visit Florida.

Interestingly, our rich menu of different but captivating burgers and sandwiches come with fries, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickle. Likewise, all Lilly's Angus beef burgers are fresh and NEVER frozen.

With Lilly's on the Lake Caribbean-inspired sandwiches and burgers, the Taste is the Difference!